Sunday, 7 August 2016


11.30am Day 3

Arrived in Katherine pretty much on schedule, no dramas so far.

My enemy at the moment is the heat of the sun. It's the coolest time of year at the top end but it is still hitting 35 degrees. Can't wait to get further south to escape it a bit.

Met some other people cycle touring and bizarrely they were all Japanese. 4 travelling together and one solo like me. Also extraordinary is that the first person I spoke to at my campsite on day one was from my home town in the UK, Colchester. He was a soldier stationed there.

It is amazing how vast and uninhabited this country is and I haven't even hit the really deserted areas yet. The Stuart Highway seems endless.

The night sky is already beautiful and should get even better. Dingoes howling in the night and cooler temperatures after sun down make the evenings very nice indeed.

Anyway, all good so far, these updates will be very quick as I have many more miles to go.


  1. Hey Chris....good to hear you are safe and well and enjoying the exploring of this land down under. You seem to be covering more Km than I will ever do on a bike...great effort. All the guys hear are asking about your progress and your health...keep up the fantastic effort. Enjoy the mindlessness and the mindfullness of it day soon...last Darwin it will all be behind you.
    see you shortly
    Jack & SweatTeam

  2. Cheers Jack. I am probably 3 or 4 days from Melbourne now, so I'll pop in and tell you all about it! I will update the blog when I get back too. It's updated to Port Augusta currently.

    See you soon.