Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Update 2

Day 4

Managed to find wifi at a bar/campsite, so a bonus update.

Hard day yesterday after Katherine. Largely uphill and an annoying headwind made the going tough, and with the temperature soaring, even tougher.

Met an incredibly nice old couple at my camp that night. They gave me drinks (and the next morning when they passed me on the road) and the gentleman gave me a multi-tool with a little hammer, which was very useful for knocking my tent pegs in.

When chatting, they both really disliked aboriginals, and to be honest, after seeing them in Katherine and Mataranka I can kind of see why. I've seen none doing any job so far and they are the scruffiest, dodgiest, and dirtiest people I have ever seen, and I'm not just saying one or two, but all I have seen so far. It just seems like their culture is completely out of step with the modern world.

Managed a good day today. The road flattened-out and the winds weren't as strong.

I seem to be meeting a lot of young Europeans working in tiny shops in the middle of nowhere either working holiday or trying for citizenship.

Met an old Swiss man who came to Australia by boat when he was 20. He often travels around every winter. He told me he once saw a man rollerskating down the Stuart Highway. He was Japanese (of course he was). The Japanese seem to be quite prevalent doing stuff like this.

Made it to a nice little campsite to finish the day. Had a wash for the first time since Melbourne. Their bar felt very authentically outback. Nice relaxing evening chatting to other campers.

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