Saturday, 13 August 2016

Quick Pre-Alice Springs Update

Since I last updated on here I have been making excellent progress. The last 5 days I have done no less than 140km a day. Could arrive at Alice Springs a day early, which would be amazing.  Still have 3 days hard cycling to do it though, and it has been into a partial headwind all the way.

I have managed to average about 135km a day since the beginning in Darwin, so quite pleased.  Seem only to be getting stronger as well.

Haven't taken many pictures with my phone, but thought I'd add the couple I do have. Trying to conserve battery. 

Mostly been bush camping and staying in rest areas overnight, so I spent almost nothing on accommodation. However, I am eating a crazy amount of food, which is pretty much my entire budget at the moment. 

Anyway, I can't hang around. Have to make a push for Alice Springs,  and with that comes a day off, a bed, and a day trip to Ayers Rock. Looking forward to time out of the saddle. 

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